I need a quote, how can I create one?

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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Through the Xvoucher platform, you will be able to create a quote for your finance department.

Follow the steps below to create a quote:

If you or your organization requires a quote, one can be generated by logging into your Customer account and placing an order using the wire transfer/PO payment method. On the final page of placing the order click the Print Invoice option to generate a quote.

  1. Go to Purchase > Product
  2. Select Wire/PO as your payment method
  3. Add in the items/products you would like to purchase and click Continue
  4. Enter your PO number or write in QUOTE
  5. Once you have reviewed your order you can now finalize it. 
  6. Click on Print Invoice to save a copy
    1. On this page, the easiest way to save this invoice is to right-click, choose print and click save as a PDF
    2. You can also find copies of your invoice by going to Track > View My Orders


*Fees will differ depending on your payment method. 

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