How can I find out if an HPE voucher was redeemed or has expired?

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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In your Xvoucher account, the Exam Voucher report will show you the current state of a voucher.

  1. From the menu bar, go to Track → Candidates → Exam Voucher
  2. Click on “Get Report” to see all vouchers
    • Remember that voucher codes are not generated until they are assigned to candidates (learners). This report only shows details for vouchers that have been assigned. 
  3. You can see the expiration date*, the date it was redeemed, by whom, and what product they redeemed it for. 
  4. Click on the Excel icon in the upper-right hand corner to download an Excel Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will have additional fields such as the Assigned Date and the full name of candidates who were assigned or who redeemed the vouchers. 

*HPE Vouchers expire at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on the expiration date.

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