What payment currencies are available for HPE purchases?

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Christine Avery
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Credit card companies and banks can treat currency conversion differently. As a result, transactions initiated in currencies other than USD currency may behave a little differently.

  • If you initiate a payment in a currency other than USD, using a Mastercard or Visa credit card, your payment will be processed in the original currency. 
  • If you initiate a payment in a currency other than USD, and if you are paying with a credit card other than Mastercard or Visa (e.g. American Express, JCB, Discover), Xvoucher will convert your transaction to USD before processing the payment.

The conversion rate used is adjusted daily using the rate set by the European Central Bank (ECB).  You will receive a credit card receipt that shows the payment processed in USD. You will also receive a detailed receipt that displays the original currency.  

Payment Table

Credit Card Type Original Currency Payment Currency Conversion Rate

Mastercard (MC) or Visa

All non-USD Original Currency  --
All cards except MC or Visa USD USD  --
All non-USD USD ECB (updated daily)


Sample Credit Card Receipt:


Sample Detailed Receipt: 


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