How to toggle between my Xvoucher account types?

As an Xvoucher user, you may have access to more than one account role or type. You may have both a Customer account and a Candidate account (this is your account type), or you may have multiple Customer or Branch accounts (these are accounts that you have been assigned as administrator).

If you do not have more than one account type or are not the administrator for multiple Customer or Branch accounts these options will not be available in the menu. 

To toggle between these accounts, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on your account name in the upper-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Choose the correct account name from the dropdown menu (if available
  3. Choose the type of account first (Customer, Branch, or Candidate)


Why do I have more than one Xvoucher account?

  • You may have needed to create a new account for a new legal entity if your organization requires different addresses to be displayed on invoices.
  • You may have needed to create a new account to support a new currency, as each Customer account may only have one currency associated with it. 
  • You may have a Customer account and also a Branch account where another Customer allocated vouchers to you to distribute.
  • You may have both a Candidate account with a voucher assigned to you as well as a Customer account where you can distribute vouchers. 

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