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Xvoucher opened a new subsidiary in India on 26 September 2023. We are excited for this significant step in our company’s global presence. 

This development enables us to serve you better by bringing our products and services closer to your doorstep. With the launch of Xvoucher India, a subsidiary of Xvoucher US, there are a few changes we would like to bring to your attention.

You may find the following onboarding documents attached at the bottom of this page: PAN Card, GST Registration Certificate, Bank Letter, and A statement from Xvoucher regarding TDS WHT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vendor information will be listed on my invoice?

GGT Xvoucher India Technology Services Private Limited
10th, 1012, Corporate Avenue
Sonawala Road, Pahadi, Goregaon East
Mumbai, 400063

Bank Name: J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A., Mumbai Branch
Beneficiary Name: GGT Xvoucher India Technology Services PVT LTD
Bank Account/IBAN: 5622417904

In what currency can I purchase AWS Certification Exam vouchers?

After 26 September 2023, all customers in India must purchase AWS vouchers in INR. The USD catalog will no longer be available for customers with a billing address in India.

Why do I have two Xvoucher accounts now?

All previous USD purchases will remain in your current Xvoucher account, which will be indicated with "USD" in the customer name. All purchases moving forward will be from a new Xvoucher account configured in INR. To learn how to best toggle between these accounts, see this Help Desk article: How do I toggle between my Xvoucher accounts?

Can I still receive an invoice and pay Genuine Genius Technologies, LLC?

No. After 26 September 2023, all invoices for all customers with an address in India will be from GGT Xvoucher India Technologies Services Private Limited. Additionally, all of these invoices will be priced in INR. 

Can vouchers purchased via Xvoucher India be used by candidates outside of India?

Yes. AWS Certification Exam vouchers continue to be available to be redeemed globally. 


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