Can I change my account name and email address?

Candidates can change the name on their Xvoucher account, but Email address cannot be changed. 

Changing Account Name:

If you need to change or edit your name for any reason, you can do so by logging into your Xvoucher Account. 

Once logged in, Click the down arrow in the upper right corner > Choose My Account.


From there, you can edit your first and/or last name; don't forget to save your changes!

Xvoucher cannot assist with changing your name set up with the testing provider. You will need to contact the Testing Provider's Customer Support as we don't have access to their platforms. 


Changing Account Email Address: 

We are not able to update or change the Main Email address associated with your account (so please ensure you are providing a valid email address), as that would change the voucher assignment. However, if you would like to receive communication emails regarding your Xvoucher to a different email address, you can add an additional email address to your account. 

  • Please note, adding an additional email will not allow you to log in under the additional email address, and this feature is not how you add co-admins to your account. If you need to add a co-admin to your customer admin account, please contact with your request. 



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