Xvoucher Glossary

Commonly used terms or phrases in the Xvoucher platform.


An Xvoucher system user that is accessing learning assets that have been assigned to them through the Xvoucher platform.


Status of an Xvoucher. It is synonymous with ‘converted’; consumed refers directly to the financial aspect of the Xvoucher, i.e., the value of the Xvoucher has been consumed. Xvouchers are marked consumed when a user has accessed their product. Some vouchers are consumed upon assignment.


A status for an Xvoucher in which the Xvoucher has been assigned to a candidate and accessed by the candidate.

Enterprise Customer

Enterprise Customers are equipped with a multitude of tools that assist in purchasing, distributing, tracking and managing learning products from one centralized portal.


Cancels an Xvoucher; your candidate no longer needs/has access to the learning materials. The expiration date is set to the date the Xvoucher was deactivated.


Assigning an Xvoucher to a candidate or a group of candidates


A Kit is a single item or a group of items bundled together; also referred to as a bundle or Xvoucher.


Control the items in your Xvoucher environment.


A tool for Customer Admin users that allows them to create web pages to support the distribution of Xvouchers to candidates. Potential candidates can access this page to request Xvouchers that can then be approved or denied by the Customer Admin.


Buying learning products.

Standard Customer

The Standard customer role in the Xvoucher platform is a simple, easy-to-use portal for our customers to purchase, distribute and track their learning products.


Follow the path of each learning item and the candidates that consumes them.


A serial number that represents a monetary value that can be applied for a specific item. An example is an exam registration or a practice test.


A container that allows enterprise and institutional organizations to purchase, distribute, and track learning assets.  It can be a single learning asset (exam voucher, practice test, lab, etc..) or a bundle of multiple learning assets.

Xvoucher Wallet

Funds put in place for the purpose of purchasing Xvouchers.  Funds can only be used with defined products.


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